Since 1900 cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been America's number one killer.1 More than 2,600 people die each day from CVD; an average of 1 death each 33 seconds. CVD claims more lives each year than the next 7 leading causes of death combined. One in 5 men and women have some form of CVD and 1 in 3 men can expect to develop it. Each year close to 335,000 Americans die of lung disease. Lung disease is America's number 3 killer.2

Founded in 1922, the Deborah Heart and Lung Center is a 161-bed hospital specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of CVD and pulmonary diseases. Deborah is nationally and internationally renowned... At DEBORAH, our cardiologists perform over 5,000 cardiac catheterizations and 780 angioplasties each year! A high volume and a broad spectrum of cases have enabled DEBORAH to develop AN UNEQUALED LEVEL OF EXPERTISE in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases.

At DEBORAH we provide an efficient quality team approach that offers a consistently high level of patient care. Our Doctors work with the same assistants and technicians consistently. The team can anticipate each other's needs ensuring teamwork in the truest sense.

Although the Center normally accepts third party payments, no patient or family has ever received a bill from Deborah since 1922. There are over 38.9 million people, with no health insurance. Many of the cases that Deborah treats are turned away by other institutions. For these people, Deborah is often their last, best hope.

AND …Deborah's mortality rates are among the lowest of any hospital anywhere!

How is all of this possible? Through the efforts of the Deborah Hospital Foundation, a non-profit organization established solely for the support of Deborah Heart and Lung Center and its mission. The Foundation raises money and awareness. Besides a professionally staffed development department we rely on over 30,000 volunteers that plan and run events that are fun, and informative. The kinds of activities for the person who wants to "do good" by having fun. Volunteers are always needed.

Volunteer by joining one of the almost 300 chapters organized throughout the eastern U.S., or, by becoming a regional member. If you would like to help Deborah, please contact the Regional Office: Pennsylvania 610-660-6696, (toll free) 1-877-226-5644, or at

PROSPECTIVE DEBORAH PATIENTS may contact the Center TOLL FREE at 1-800-555-1990. A patient application may be completed over the phone. Deborah Heart and Lung Center is located in Browns Mills, NJ.